Meet The New Nordstrom Buying Process

We are moving the buying process online empowering buyers & brands to work together smarter through technology.

NuORDER acts as the digital hub for all market appointment related information



Data finalized for Purchase Order creation

Maintain your product catalog data in NuORDER

Capture purchase intent in appointment

Printed Linesheets Have No Place In A Dynamic Buying Experience

Benefit from shorter market appointments and reduced manual processes for gathering item information

“We’re excited to partner with NuORDER and leverage their capabilities such as a digital market tool. Having a tool with shared visual information allows buyers and brands to work much more effectively together.“ 

Teri Bariquit

Executive Vice President Merchandise Planning & Solutions

Brands Are Leveraging NuORDER

The Market Leader In B2B E-Commerce

Reduce time

Eliminate manual efforts

Increase your footprint

Close orders faster

Faster Go-To-Market Impacts Your Sell-Through Success

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