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NuORDER exclusively partners with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, a national organization dedicated to the growth of independent specialty retailers, has entered into an exclusive partnership with NuORDER to create a more collaborative buying process for outdoor retailers and their vendors. This deal will be monumental in moving the outdoor space into a buying process that allows retailers to visualize, budget, plan, and buy from multiple brands through a centralized platform.

NuORDER is a two-sided platform built to streamline the wholesale process from beginning to end both for the buyer and seller. 


Easy Online Buying & Visual Planning

  • Set budgets by vendor, month and channel.
  • Shop the latest digital catalogs, linesheets, and interactive, 360-degree virtual showrooms.
  • View a combined visual rollup to analyze the entire assortment and avoid duplicate buys.
  • Easily search for products across all brands to fill merchandising gaps.
  • Keep track of order details, purchase history, and fulfillment status—all in one place.

“The goal here is to directly improve the bottom-line financial health of retailers by improving their ability to visualize, budget, plan, and buy from multiple brands at the same time. The traditional assortment selection and merchandise buying process will be vastly improved on this platform.”



Bring Your Products to Life

Participating brands will get complimentary access to NuORDER’s two-side platform to streamline market apartments and digitize the selling process.

Create Digital Catalogs

Showcase your entire product line and reduce print waste.

Digital Linesheets

Build by season, month and category to inform purchasing decisions.

Virtual Showroom

Deliver an immersive online buying experience using videos, 360 imagery and shoppable hotspots.

More About Grassroots Outdoor Alliance

 Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is an active, independent network of 83 independent retailers, with 187 retail locations, working together for the health and growth of specialty outdoor retail. Through data collection and analysis, direct member support, specialty events and deep vendor partnerships, Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is creating both a vision and roadmap for the long-term success of independent specialty retail. 

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is also recognized as a catalyst for the success of its retailers and vendor partners; an advocate for specialty independent retail; a promoter of education and community within the specialty channel; and a key influencer of the national outdoor industry. For more information on Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, please go to

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NuORDER is boldly building towards a future where seamless, collaborative wholesale experiences are the industry standard. Our platform helps brands and retailers align more meaningfully and serve the modern consumer better. 

Whether or not you’re eligible to participate in the Grassroots partnership program, we’d love to learn more about your wholesale process and introduce best-in-class solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Contact us through the form below to get the conversation started.