Digitally Transforming the Buying Process

Bloomingdale's is exclusively partnering with NuORDER to streamline online assortment planning and ordering for both brands and buyers. 


Bloomingdale’s is using NuORDER's visual buying platform to place orders and curate elevated product assortments. This will allow them to streamline their market to web process. It will be used across the RTW, men’s, handbags, shoes, kids, and seasonal accessories teams to support a more data-driven approach to decision making, forecasting, and performance analytics. 


Bloomingdale’s vendors receive access to NuORDER at No Cost, enabling a more streamlined and integrated selling experience through the use of centralized linesheets and digital catalogs. For the first time, brands are able to collaborate directly with their buyers to optimize the assortment throughout the planning and buying process.


Easy Online Buying & Visual Planning

  • Set plans by vendor, month and channel.
  • Shop the latest digital catalogs, linesheets, and interactive, 360-degree virtual showrooms.
  • Easily search for products across all brands to fill merchandising gaps.
  • View a combined visual rollup to analyze the entire assortment and avoid duplicate buys across multiple departments.
  • Visualize the buy by door.
  • Digitize the style-out process.


A Modern Approach to Collaborative Commerce

Participating brands get complimentary access to NuORDER’s platform to streamline market appointments and digitize the selling process. We provide premium onboarding and support services at No Cost.

  • Create an immersive B2B buying experience using videos, 360 imagery,  and shoppable hotspots.
  • Build digital linesheets and catalogs by season, month and category to drive more effective market appointments.
  • Collaborate directly with buyers to fill merchandising gaps as they seek to optimize their assortments.

Buying & Selling Reimagined

NuORDER is boldly building towards a future where seamless, collaborative wholesale experiences are the industry standard. Our platform helps brands and retailers align and better serve the modern consumer. 

We’d love to learn more about your wholesale process and introduce best-in-class solutions that are tailored to your business needs. Contact us through the form below to get the conversation started.